Our First Family Travel

Last night, we arrived back home in Kiev, Ukraine from our first family trip ever.
My fiancé Viktor and I are both artists. As an artists we get the privilege to travel for work. This time Viktor was working on the latest, largest ship Symphony Of The Sea by Royal Caribbean for few weeks. Now that Leonardo is over 6 months old, we joined him on ship.
Leo and I packed and took a plane to Spain. Traveling with a baby is a whole new another world. I was worried and nervous. When the time comes, I just have to chill and go with the flow. Our flight from Kiev to Barcelona was at 10am and duration of the flight was 3h 45mins. I woke up at 5am to cook fresh meal for Leo. He woke up at 6am and did not sleep until we were on the plane. He ate during take off and fell asleep, super simple, no hustle what so ever. But when we arrived at Barcelona airport, he was grumpy, wouldn’t sit on the trolley, wants to be in my arms. On top of that I had to get the suitcase. A bit struggle but didn’t last much long since Viktor was waiting for us on the other side of the exit door Hurrahhhh ? Then We Are All Together and Our First Family Trip Has Started Officially ❤ Leo couldn’t stop smiling at his dad ?
From the airport, we took a taxi to the port to our ship. When we got to the ship, everything was new for Leoshka, he was overwhelmed with excitement. He saw his dad with show make up for the first time and watched his performance. Very special moments. After all, it was totally new environment that he got some sort of virus, blocked nose and fever for 3 days in the first week. His immune system fought it off very well, he was back on track on the last week. We explored Palma De Mallorca, Napoli in Italy, Marceille in France.
Leo was in 3 new countries in just 1 week. Also we discovered his character, he loves attention, the more people he is around, the happier he is ?
When we finished our cruise adventure, we flew out to Frankfurt, Germany. We stayed probably in the most convenient Airbnb close to the city center and a lot of parks to walk where he exposed to plants, birds, dogs and other children.

Our 3 weeks family adventure came to an end like a shooting arrow. Before we know we were packing again to go back home.
Wonderful unforgettable, precious time?

Little Suggestion for traveling with baby:
1. Carry as less luggages as possible
2. Get cheap, convenient trolley
3. First aid for your child (nose drops, antibacterial wipes)
4. Carry new toys for distraction
5. Feed the baby during  take off and landing

If you are ever interested in vacationing on cruise :


Flexibility is an example of elegant feminine body, it is very appreciated by the traditional culture of my country. To be a contortionist in Mongolia happens to be the dream of almost every little girl, also every parent dream to have a daughter who is a contortionist.
I was just 4 years old, my mom discovered I was bendier than anyone else. She decided for me to enter a contortion school to develop further my discovered talent. Unfortunately there was no such a school in our small town, South Gobi. I was 7, I joined contortion school at Mongolian National Circus in Ulaanbaatar. That’s where my career has begun.
I was very lucky to have the best coach in Mongolia, Norovsambuu Begzsuren. She was a very renowned contortionist world wide and under her guidance I partnered with Oyun-Erdene Senge to create our first Duo Contortion act.
At the age of 9, I got invited to perform at Cirque Du Soleil in their production “Alegria” with my partner. We were 11, we did our very first show on stage over 2000 audiences, that experience has lasted over a decade and traveled all over the globe until the show had become to its end.
Later on, I was lucky to join another Cirque show called “Amaluna”. This time I did a role of main character “Miranda” and Water Bowl contortion. Then I joined another Cirque show “Totem”, that’s where I reunited with my partner ones again to create Duo Contortion act additionally to the show.

After spending most of my life on tour, I decided to take some time off.  And Now,  I’m thrilled to announce I’m in the middle of the process of creating my new acts ?

Ulzii ❤

Short Introduction of Me

I am Ulziibuyan Mergen, i am an artist and recently became a mother.
A year ago, I made a huge decision not to continue to perform with the super talented artists in an outstanding show Totem, Cirque Du Soleil to concentrate on my personal life.
My fiancé Viktor Kee is also an artists, we met working in a same show Amaluna, Cirque Du Soleil back in 2015. He is my love of my life, he is the person knows all my goods and bads. We welcomed our little angel Leonardo Kee this October, 2017.
The reason i’m having my personal blog is to share my experiences as an artist and a mother. Two very different worlds, both of them are challenging and awarding, I LOVE IT.
Please be tuned and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!!! I will be more than happy to answer ?