Flexibility is an example of elegant feminine body, it is very appreciated by the traditional culture of my country. To be a contortionist in Mongolia happens to be the dream of almost every little girl, also every parent dream to have a daughter who is a contortionist.
I was just 4 years old, my mom discovered I was bendier than anyone else. She decided for me to enter a contortion school to develop further my discovered talent. Unfortunately there was no such a school in our small town, South Gobi. I was 7, I joined contortion school at Mongolian National Circus in Ulaanbaatar. That’s where my career has begun.
I was very lucky to have the best coach in Mongolia, Norovsambuu Begzsuren. She was a very renowned contortionist world wide and under her guidance I partnered with Oyun-Erdene Senge to create our first Duo Contortion act.
At the age of 9, I got invited to perform at Cirque Du Soleil in their production “Alegria” with my partner. We were 11, we did our very first show on stage over 2000 audiences, that experience has lasted over a decade and traveled all over the globe until the show had become to its end.
Later on, I was lucky to join another Cirque show called “Amaluna”. This time I did a role of main character “Miranda” and Water Bowl contortion. Then I joined another Cirque show “Totem”, that’s where I reunited with my partner ones again to create Duo Contortion act additionally to the show.

After spending most of my life on tour, I decided to take some time off.  And Now,  I’m thrilled to announce I’m in the middle of the process of creating my new acts ?

Ulzii ❤

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