Short Introduction of Me

I am Ulziibuyan Mergen, i am an artist and recently became a mother.
A year ago, I made a huge decision not to continue to perform with the super talented artists in an outstanding show Totem, Cirque Du Soleil to concentrate on my personal life.
My fiancé Viktor Kee is also an artists, we met working in a same show Amaluna, Cirque Du Soleil back in 2015. He is my love of my life, he is the person knows all my goods and bads. We welcomed our little angel Leonardo Kee this October, 2017.
The reason i’m having my personal blog is to share my experiences as an artist and a mother. Two very different worlds, both of them are challenging and awarding, I LOVE IT.
Please be tuned and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!!! I will be more than happy to answer ?

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    1. Hello Azmi,
      You are my first comment I received 😀
      I am happy that you enjoy my work. Contortion doesn’t hurt me, it’s my flexibility and strength. Over all when I work for long time with out giving some rest, the muscles get tired and gets cramps and that can be very painful. I do injury preventive exercises and do good care of my body.
      Thank you.

  1. Dear Ulzii,
    Your site is easy to read and interesting. I like it!
    Congratulations on launching it, and your new baby! Fabulous!
    Best regards, Dina

    1. Hi Ulzii.

      I have to agree with Dina. I like the design of the website and it is very interesting as well. I watched many videos of Oyuna and you on Youtube and I think both of you are amazing. I also think you look great, specially only a few month after giving birth. What do you do you do to stay fit?


  2. Dear Ulzii,Congratulations to you and Vicktor!!!My question is Do you take rest days for working out? Andrew

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